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  • Set of Axles (All Divisions)

    These axles are precision drilled and are used in stock, super stock, and Masters races. A set consists of one pre-drilled front and one pre-drilled rear axle.

    • $150.00
  • 6-1/2 X 7-1/2 FirstEnergy AASBD LOGO DECAL

    6-1/2 X 7-1/2 FirstEnergy AASBD Logo Decal

    • $3.00
  • Car Cover with Logo

    FirstEnergy AASBD Car Cover fits Stock, Super Stock and Masters cars.

    • $3.00
  • 5/16 Center Weight Bolts

    This bag is used for the installation of the center weight plates. It consists of:
    (5) zinc plated 5/16"-18 x 3" elevator bolts
    (5) zinc plated 5/16" x 1-1/4" fender washers
    (5) 5/16" -18 zinc plated hex nuts

    • $8.50
  • 10 Lb Adjustable Weight Set

    This set of weights are pre-cut and used to bring your racer up to racing weight. They are used to either the front or rear weight bolts of the racer. They consist of:
    (3) 7" diameter steel weights, 2 lbs each
    (3) 4" diameter steel weights, 1 lbs each
    (2) 3" diameter steel weights, 1/2 lbs each

    • $60.00
  • Horse Shoe Weight Plate

    This is used in the stock and super stock racer to increase the weight by 10 lbs per piece. It has a horse shoe shape and is placed to the forward center area of your car. This plate is drilled to align with the pre-drilled holes of the floorboard. Up to four pieces can be stacked to achieve total weight.

    Item # B16 - 5/16" Elevator Weight Bolts will be required for installation.

    • $65.00
  • Weight Wingnut Wrench

    Tightens wingnut on the adjustable weights.

    • $14.00
  • Handheld Spindle Bending Tool

    Used to bend the spindle for alignment.

    • $68.00
  • Spindle Gauge

    Gauge to check the spindle alignment. 

    • $250.00
  • Triangulation Bar

    Used to align rear axle. 

    • $120.00
  • Car Dolly

    Move your soap box derby car with ease by using this dolly.

    • $210.00
  • Master Plans

    Master Kit Car Plans - Complete assembly instructions for the Masters car. 

    • $11.00
  • Masters Helmet

    A damaged helmet can cut a good racing day short. Do not be caught short and have an extra one on hand. 

    • $69.00
  • Foot Brace Bag

    This bag is used for Step 2 assembly in the Stock and Super Stock plans and also for the Masters Division. It consists of
    (2) zinc plated 1/4"-20 X 3" elevator bolts
    (4) gold zinc plated 1-1/4 inch washers
    (2) zinc plated 1/4-20 nuts

    • $3.00
  • Masters Hatch Hinge Bag

    This bag is used for the replacement of the hatch hinge in the Masters car. It consists of (1) brass hinge, (6) zinc plated #4 x 1" flat head machine screws, (6) zinc plated #4 flat washers, and (6) zinc plated #4-40 hex nuts.

    • $23.00
  • Optional Masters Tube Bolt Bag

    This optional tubular rear axle mounting set-up is used in place of the standard angle iron mounting system. The bag contains (1) long and (1) short tube, (3) 5/16"-18 x 2" carriage bolts, (3) 5/16"-18 hex nuts, and (3) 5/16"-18 hex jam nuts.

    • $16.00
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