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  • Adult/High School Engineering Design Challenge

    This car kit is used for the Derby’s Gravity Racing Challenge High School Engineering Challenge division. It is also used for adult Soap Box Derby racing, fundraisers and team building exercises. The kit includes a floorboard set of axles, brake and steering assemblies, mounting and construction hardware, official helmet and spoke racing wheels. Note: The steering assemblies, mounting and construction hardware are similar to a Super Stock derby car. 

    • $648.00
  • Mini Racing Track with Timers

    2 Lane Mini Track with digital timer and program options. Call for details, prices and ordering information 330-733-8723 or 740-817-0345.

    • $1410.00
  • Toolkit for full size Soap Box Derby car kit

    The toolkit comes with a ball pin hammer, screwdriver set, hex key set, electric tape, tape measure, diagonal pliers, slip joint pliers, adjustable wrench, combination wrenches and toolbox. The kit is used to build a full size Soap Box Derby car. 

    • $160.00
  • Toolkit for mini cars for 6 students

    Toolkit for Mini Soap Box Derby Cars is designed for a team of 6 students and contains the following:
    1 Toolbox
    1 Scale
    2 Combination Wrenches
    3 Calculator
    6 Philips Screwdrivers
    6 Rulers

    • $117.00
  • Stock Bag Complete

    Stock Bag Complete/Re-Build Bag - Includes all the nuts, bolts and washers needed to assemble the Stock Car. This is also used as a re-build bag for the STEM School Program.

    • $120.00